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Waipunga waterfall, North Island, New Zealand

Published: 26 February 2017
Last Updated: 15 July 2018
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Another day another adventure, if you are looking for a waterfall that you can't get close to but want to be blown away by view and the minimum amount of effort it takes to get to, then i believe this is the waterfall for you.

The water fall is located about 50km out from Taupo, New Zealand along the Napier Taupo motor way. The drive will take you about 30 minutes or so to get there and is mainly long straight roads with no passing lanes, however if you do find yourself stuck behind a slow driver there are a lot of straights with plenty of passing time.

What to expect:

Honestly, this is not a day hike, this is not a hour hike, in fact this isn't even a 5 minute hike.. there is actually no hike involved which in my opinion was quite disappointing. The waterfall is only visible from a lookout off the left of the highway. The view is pretty amazing and you're surrounded by pine trees and other native bush. 

There is no way to get closer to the falls. Personally i would not go out of your way to visit this waterfall, but if you're ever making the trip from Taupo to Napier then don't miss your chance to stop off on the way.

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Article by: Brett
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