Australian spiders are killing mice

24 October 2016
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Damn it Australia, once again you are proving to the world that your country is scary as fuck! In this latest story we bring you a practically scary sight as a huntsman spider carries away its dinner across the fridge, but unlike most spiders which go after crickets or flies, this big bastard is taking home a mouse for the family!

If you don't know already a huntsman spider is a large spider that is a member of the Sparassidae (formerly Heteropodiae) family, these spiders are known for their size and speed, hence the name huntsman, they are also referred to as a giant crab spider.

The huntsman spider is scary as hell if you happen to be less than the size of a golf ball, the huntsman uses venom to immobilize prey and to assist in digestion. Although the huntsman spider is venomous, they are not widely regarded as dangerous to humans, but beneficial for the control of pests.

In the short video below you will see the power these speedy devils have and also another great reason to avoid Australia at all costs!

Article by: Brett
Category : Stories