Nintendo to release new console, Nintendo Switch

24 October 2016
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Nintendo to release new console!

So, if you haven’t heard, Nintendo is trying to up their game to compete alongside the big players in gaming such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. The next generation of console is not going to be called the Nintendo Wii 3 or any other letter of the alphabet. The new console has taken a new twist with a new name and totally different gaming experience.

Introducing the Nintendo switch:

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The Nintendo switch is a portable / home gaming console much like the Nintendo Wii U which you can carry with you anywhere and continue to game on the go. So how is this concept any different from the much-anticipated Nintendo Wii U? First the new console will have a much higher graphics capabilities meaning that you will be able to play much more graphic ready games.

The main questions that have been fired around about the new console are what is the battery life like? And Is it going to last if I take it away? Nintendo is yet to comment on the much-asked question. According to Forbs this is one question that could end the console before its even released, however the console will have limitations while in portable mode which should support battery life such as screensavers and other functions to lower battery consumption.

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If you're wondering when you can get your hands on this next gen console and what the price will be, well the console itself will be released in early 2017 and you can look at getting it for roughly $400 - $500 which in my opinion is pretty standard for the latest generation console these days. check out Nintendo website to find out more

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