What does the worlds richest man spend his 80 billion on?

24 October 2016
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So, for the people who do not know who Bill Gates is, he is the co-founder of Microsoft, tech magnate, entrepreneur, philanthropist, programmer and basically responsible for everything you do on your computer. Needless to say, Bill is a very wealthy man, with a net worth of about 82 Billion USD, he takes the top spot for richest man in the world.


How did Bill Gates make his money? Well it all started back in 1975, when Bill and Paul Allen joined forces to create Microsoft and the rest is history with 40 years of innovation, the development of windows and much more coming out of the Microsoft doors there is just too much history for my little article.

Have you ever wondered what someone with 80 billion spends his fortune on? Well as quoted by the Microsoft guru he has no use for money. A large portion of Gates income is donated to charitable foundations, in fact Bill and his wife Melinda have given away 28 billion which is more money than most people will even make in their life. Obviously....

It is well assured that Bill has a very comfortable life, but even with all his wealth. His go to meal is still a McDonalds Bigmac. It is also known that almost every second of Bills life is scheduled, he lives an extremely busy life but at the end of the day a true legend of modern technology. To answer what he actually spends his money on is nothing, he has no need for it and lives exactly as most people do buying clothes and food.

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Article by: Brett
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