The best reasons why Jimbo and Gary the goat rock!

22 October 2016
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Making friends is hard, no matter who you are or how funny you are or how many acquaintances you have it doesn’t mean that you have as I call true friends. This story is for all you awkward people whose anxiety has gotten the best of them and are unable to bring them self to be socialable, you've tried tinder, grinder you name it. Well I think we have a solution for you.

A person I have been following on Social Media for a long time, Jimbo Bazoobi who is an Australian comedian travels the country preforming as a duo with his partner in crime Gary the goat, who became an internet sensation on Facebook for pretty much just not giving a fuck. The duo has racked up a massive fan base since beginning in 2011 of nearly 1.6 million followers.

Jimbo is one of the most honest blokes around who has controversy follow him around like flies on your back, he is known for pushing the boundaries and getting into trouble for goat related crimes, which makes up all the qualities we find most endearing about him. Jimbo’s is not afraid to let the world know what’s up with the corruption of government, and problems in society. He is a real straight shooter who earns my tick of approval

It seems that Jimbo, unlike the rest of you people is lucky enough to have a beautiful family and a dashingly handsome goat. So what’s is so special about Gary? Well apart from being dashing as hell, an amazing sprinter with great form, and a don't give a fuck attitude, Gary is a proud member of the fuckable four, which was a web series from Jimbo starring Kevin the cunt, Barbara the babe, Alex the hermaphrodite.

Check out their adventures below:

Unfortunately, Gary has had a bit of a rough time lately back in August 2016 they discovered terminal arthritis in his legs. Get well soon Gary.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Where can I get a goat? well if you’re a Kiwi or Aussie, probably down the road at your local pub, for all you American’s try eBay.

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