Worlds Sexiest Math teacher is breaking the internet

21 October 2016
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The story I bring you today is about the model/ math teacher Oksana Neveselaya, who has been taking the internet by storm, and slowly but surely becoming the sexiest math teacher around the world.

So as a child I was never very fortunate with schooling, everything was difficult, Math was probably the worst subject for most people, the teachers we strict and you were always stuck with some cranky old lady who wasn't very helpful, it seems that the millennial generation grew up at a time where curriculum and the teachers pay slip were the most important thing that school was for.

These days schooling is a bit different, technology has revolutionized the way that children learn and thrown the curriculum right out the window and with all the changes to the schooling system it seems that the saying "out with the old, in with the new" has been taken a bit too literally.

It is common knowledge that teachers are getting more attractive day by day, and it has certainly made an impression on the students and the internet. Not to mention the increase of "sex with student" scandals going around these days it makes me question what students are spending their 6 hours a day actually doing?

Miss Neveselaya has become an Instagram sensation racking up 560,000 or more followers on her Instagram, and judging by the photos it is not hard to tell why she is such a hit.


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It seems that for math teacher Oksana, her days of teaching may have been quite short lived because of her new found internet stardom. with half a million followers she will most certainly become a millionaire and never have to teach again.

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