Man jumps off 8 story building, nearly misses water

20 October 2016
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It seems that people are either getting more daring or more stupid to get the much desired Adrenaline rush of the 21st century. Ok so it is 2016 and a lot has changed over the years with the releases of go pros and other action cams that has given people the motivation to making lasting memories that are truly terrifying.

There are a lot of reasons that people go seeking adrenaline, it's the kind of rush that makes you can make you feel more alive than ever despite being as close as you get to death, adrenaline is a chemical reaction your body produces basically to stop you from dying, in a way it's like over clocking your hard drive to increase your gaming performance.

The idea of someone jumping from an 8 story building seems fucking stupid to me, or something caused by a drug infused rage. in the video below we have one brave lad who denied the odds and tried to do some sick bombs in the local harbor, it is a cringe worthy watch as he nearly misses the water and hits the dock, there is no saying what kind of damage the young lad sustained but watch and check out what you think.

Now I know what you're thinking, if you are like me you've all heard that jumping from such a height is exactly like jumping into a cement floor. well this is only half true depending on the way you land in the water. the masked crusader in this video has definitely had practice so lucky for him survived the jump.

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Article by: Brett
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