Man takes on 2kg burger challenge

19 October 2016
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There is no dealt that New Zealand is a beautiful place it has the greenest grass, amazing tourist attractions and now the Gotham burger, supposedly named after the notorious city in the batman's movie / dc comic franchise, this is one bad ass burger.

With the rise of American fast food burger joints in New Zealand it is always a good idea to step outside the box to one up your competition, and knowing how kiwis they like to go extreme, you can expect BIG things!. So just how extreme you ask? we'll try 1kg of premium beef, 350 grams cheese, and 400 grams of bread, this is the burgers that will end all burgers, or just give you a heart attack or one massive food comber.

So when you have the country's biggest burger you are going to need a pretty convincing sales pitch to make people actually want to order it, how about making it a 30minute competitive eaters food challenge? is anyone crazy enough to take this on?

As it turns out there was one man named Tevita Siulangapo who traveled over 2 hours to take on this challenge and astonish won. When Siulangapo was asked why he wanted to attempt the challenge he told reporters that he was moving to Australia and wanted to try it before he left. Siulangapo also noted that he could of had another.

The cost of the burger is $55.00 and if you can finish it under 30minutes you get it for free and get a spot on the wall of fame. More than 30 people have failed since the launch of the challenge. Do you think you could do it?

Article by: Brett
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