Elephants saves trainer from drowning

19 October 2016
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With all the recent hunting incidents and internet craziness over the animal kingdom and everybody in termite over the death of Harambe it is hard to believe that an animal can still care about humans as much as they do, after everything humans have done with the destruction of the rainforest and being somewhat responsible for wiping out at least half of recently extinct species on earth it's amazing we are not being hunted yet.

This is a cool video that was posted by an elephant trainer from the Elephant National Park in Chiang Main, Thailand. the video shows a trainer demonstrating how one of his Elephants who he has a close bond with can recognize him when he is yelling out for help while in danger floating down the stream.

In the video you can see the five year old elephant catch attention of the man and without hesitation launches into the river and come to the rescue.

Elephants are an amazing species they are one of the most intelligent giants on the planet, it is said that an elephant has one of the best memories on earth and can recognize faces even after not seeing them for years.

This is a touching video which shows how caring these gentle giants can be. check out below, let us know what you think.

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Article by: Brett
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