these cats fighting over milk will make you laugh

17 October 2016
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This is for all you cat lovers out there. Everyone knows that cats are pretty much the biggest assholes around correct? They do nothing all day, flash you there ass and pretend to own your house. in this next story we have another farce review from our main commentator Aussie man in what seems to be a dispute over some milk between 2 felines.

The video is like a back to back ping pong match from the Japanese Olympics, each cat eager to hold their ground and claim the milk that is rightfully there.

So why do cats like milk so much? it seems like cats are some of the most fussy eaters on the planet, even worse than a human child, it seems that they will eat everything except their veggies, unless sick in which case they will enjoy a nice helping of grass and then throw it up on your carpet later.

You may be wondering why the owner would allow such a dispute to take place? probably because anyone who has cats is probably a cat lady who needs the drama in their lives, or they are one heartless fucker who decided that instead of pouring 2 lots of milk they'd rather start shit.

See for yourself below in what happens to be quite an entertaining laugh, and if you like the video be sure to share, or follow Aussie man on Facebook.

Credits: Aussie man

Article by: Brett
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