Bikers Stumble across Area 51 base

14 October 2016
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What is area 51? well the truth is nobody really knows, we are not sure if it is a military base by the American government which holds all of the worlds secrets like the existence of UFO's and other interesting mysteries or if it's a scam to make people think there is a secret base somewhere that holds the secrets to everything.. to be honest no one can really be sure but all we know is somewhere in the Nevada desert there is something that is out of the ordinary.

Throughout the years and as seen in films such as independence day area 51 is the base in which aliens and out of this world technology is kept, generally the only people on the planet who finds out about this information is military generals or the president of the united states.

So I came across this story posted by Viral thread that some bikers who had been road tripping the states came across the secret back gate into the area 51 compound, and as any American super secret base they did not get in without issues. the bikers ran into some trouble with military soldiers being told the following

“Listen, we’re going to give you guys a chance.

“Get on your bikes, get the fuck out of here or we’ll call Lincoln County and they’re write you a $750 ticket.”

Scary stuff, maybe there is some truth to the facts that area 51 is a secret base and they clearly don't react well to visitors.

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Article by: Brett
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