Topless Cafe in Washington

14 October 2016
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It is no surprise that sex sells, everyone knows that, so when I came across this video it really made me look twice, so basically in Washington there is a place called Bare Beans Espresso, and basically if you can't figure it out by the name, they refer to bare as the woman having no tops on.

The business sole focus is Coffee, and if you are like me you enjoy your morning stiff. so what a amazing way to get your coffee through a drive through with bare breasted women. It sounds like heaven on earth to me.

If you are under the impression that I am just a man who likes to stare at women then you're wrong but we like to be fair here and five the women something to see as well, as a rival company called Banana Hammock Espresso located in Port Orchard Washington also runs a business featuring topless men.

There have been many complaints about these places saying wither or not it is morally just using sex to sell coffee... well in my opinion it is, people are going to get their coffee regardless and this business doesn't hurt anyone, while no full nipple is shown or anything inappropriate.

it leaves us with one question us wondering is it really about the coffee or is this about the women. you be the judge. check out the video and let us know what you think.

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Article by: Brett
Category : Stories