Never hold your phone again with this

12 October 2016
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Oh Japan, it seems that you are always one step in front of the rest of the world. OK so i know it is always tough having to hold your phone everywhere you go.. There must be an easier way and now there is.

Introducing the swan neck, a slightly pointless invention like no other has seen before. There is not to much to say about this apart from the fact it looks like your abnormally large penis is holding your smart phone while you wear an oversize adult diaper. 

I don't know what to make of this. i don't know wither or not it is ingenious or plain fucking stupid.... I've had enough internet today you win Japan.

Japan is well known for having fucked up stupid inventions that any normal person would probably be too embarrassed to have them selves. The question that is always on my mind is, do people actually ever use things like this or is it just one of those inventions that people make for publicity? who knows.. The video makes for quite an interesting watch.

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Credits to Viralthread for the find / video and Animax for the invention.

Article by: Brett
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