Son buys dad dream car for his birthday

12 October 2016
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When your son is a internet superstar like Lance Stewart who has close to 9 million Facebook followers it is not impossible to think that he has made a few dollars out of his fame, but that aside apart from being a wealthy internet superstar who gives his family a lot of shit he also is a great son who is clearly very appreciate of his family.

In one of Lances latest stunts it took a surprising turn which is a bit different than the regular funny videos that we are use to. 

Lance and his mother made a special effort for his fathers 50th birthday buying him a bran new 2016 Red Corvette zTo6, what an unbelievable surprise for anyone to receive, it really is quite an amazing video. check out below.

What are the benefits of owning a sports car and how do you get your hands on one? you see there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to owning your dream car, the top being the ongoing costs of repairs and fuel consumption will take a big hit on your wallet, however the advantages far out weigh the disadvantages, the number one advantage being pride.

Being a male is hard when you have to be alpha all the time, but when you own a zTo6 Corvette, you pretty much are there 24/7. girls will be impressed by your powerfully sleek car. It is definitely a win win

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Article by: Brett
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