Dieting just got way easier

12 October 2016
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For all you fitness fanatics this is definitely a game changer and something that will change the way you loose or gain weight forever. This revolutionary app is finally taking the hard nonsense of calorie counting away forever.

The new app "Snap it" is available on the Android, IOS and amazon store, and can be found on the The logistics of what this app does is takes a snap of food and tells you all the nutritional information on the said food such as calories, carbs, fats and proteins. Snap it uses an advanced image recognition technology which helps track your foods.

This is definitely a great piece of technology, and something I'm quickly downloading on my own smart phone. check out the video and let us know what you think. 

How to lose weight quickly? is there actually an easy answer for this? Look personally fitness is one of those things that I excel in, I used to be a wimpy skinny dork in high school but since then started getting into 2 things development, and fitness. 

From all my experience I know that one of the most important key factors to building muscle or losing fat is eating right, i would estimate that close to 80% of your effort needs to be focused on your diet if you are wanting to see results. This app is really a game changer to the rule and will make it easier to focus on a clean diet.

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Article by: Brett
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