Don't mess with this gamer's girl

12 October 2016
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The internet is always a good place for expressing yourself or telling your significant other how you feel. or acting tough when your a skinny white boy.

OK with all jokes aside blogger Jonney Trout is letting the world know how he feels when people flirt with his girl, so warning you all now that you better watch out, this guy isn't your average Noob, hes into some seriously hard shit!

With gamer's these days becoming basically the new jocks of 1980 its quite interesting to see how the tables have turned, from gamer's being wimpy and pathetic who get bullied all through high school, to basically them being elite sports super stars along the lines of NBA or football players. 

Lets be real gaming has changed a lot in the past 20 years, with updated graphics and more creative coders, the games have become a great way for children and adults to strengthen their minds and problem solving skills. So when this boy in the video below send you a threat, its best to listen.

Check out the video below and don't forget to share and thumbs up if you laugh or run.

Credits: Jonney Trout

Article by: Brett
Category : Stories