Real life Dug from Disneys Up

11 October 2016
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Disney's an impressive company, whether or not you like them, they are one of the leaders in animation and technology. In the latest stunt pulled by Disney, they let loose a golden retriever on unsuspecting park goers, but with a twist.

If you're any kind of Disney fan, you've probably seen the movie "Up" and the lovable-Labrador, "Doug", the dopey-natured golden retriever pup with a voice (thanks in part to a device he wears around his neck which translates his barks into english).

Clearly the collar is just a gag, but the publicity stunt was pretty entertaining none-the-less and has garnered more than 10million views. Take a look below!

Is it even possible to translate dog speak into human recognizable English? I don't think so, how ever i do recall reading along the lines of a similar technology that had been released which recognizes simple barks from your dog which can translate them into simple phrases such as: feed me, thirsty, walk, ball. and simple things a dog would understand.

Why do people feel the need to communicate with their dogs? well dogs are mans best friends, and certainly over the last decade there has been an influx of dog related videos floating around YouTube or google. It seems that every person I meet wants a dog, with the overwhelming need for dogs it is no surprise that people would like to take it to the next step to actually communicate with there boorkers. 

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Article by: Brett
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