Here is why the Clown epidemic is out of control!

11 October 2016
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It seems like the world has a serious problem. with pranking so hot with the internet and everyone trying to go viral it is no surprise that we have seen such a rise in clown related antics.

People have always been afraid of clowns. they are just too happy and that frightens people, however lately it seems people have been fighting back against the internet pranksters check out the video below and you will see what we mean.

credits : viralthread

Now this is not the first occurrence of this kind of anti-clown violence happening, and I give this go props for sticking up for himself. more people should be doing this.

The main question that always bugs me is why do people have such an irrational fare of clowns? Well that i believe is that people are afraid of what they don't understand. The fact that someone can seem so happy is down right creepy to me, add a scary as fuck happy face on top of that and you've got the clown epidemic. 

Check out one of my favorite reviewers give his break down of the epidemic.

Credits: Aussie man Reviews

Article by: Brett
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