35 of the Cutest Animals Yawning for Science

10 October 2016
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Animals are yawning for science? I get it, right now you are wondering how the fuck that has anything to do with science? well apparently it has more to do with it that we thought.

Reading the article posted by ifuckinglovescience scientists believe that yawning is actually a reaction that actually helps to cool the brain. weird cause I thought it just meant I was tired or lacked oxygen.

The researchers wasted a bunch of time watching YouTube videos montages that had been thrown together of animals yawning, which I will post below for your entertainment. the scientists measured the length of the yawns and basically something to do with the yawn length has something to do with brain function... I don’t know I’m tired.

Why do we actually yawn? Its interesting, I've looked into a few different resources and what I can make out is that the reason we yawn is for several different reasons, such as lack of oxygen, not breathing deeply enough, or just being bored or tired. 

If you are wanting to find out more about why we yawn or what kind of research the wacky scientists have been doing read the article below, and if you enjoyed this article remember to share and smash the thumbs up.

Check out full article here: i fucking love science

Article by: Brett
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