Quiting job by Banging the bosses daughter

10 October 2016
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The internet is a great place for expressing yourself, being artistic, quitting your job in imaginative ways?? so this next story is something that really caught my attention!

In an article posted by ozock they posted a story about a lad named Chris who really took advantage of his final moments at work and really give his boss something that will stick with his family forever.

So there isn’t much to this story apart from a dirty scandal between employee Chris and the bosses’ daughter. Chris ended up posting a video of himself having a steamy session with his bosses’ daughter.

Unfortunately, we have no video evidence.... but without a dealt it is floating around somewhere on the internet, we will be sure to post it if we end up finding it.

Ever thought about quitting your job? what creative ways have you thought of? there are a lot of videos floating around the internet where multiple people have gone the extra mile to quit their jobs.. I've seen videos where people have set a flock of music geeks on there boss, some where a lad has shit on his bosses desk. You name it its probably been done.

So what is the trick to making a really good escape from the clutches of your job? Well as i like to say the most important skill is thinking outside the box, and if you can do that the creativeness will just flow.

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Credits for story: Ozock

Article by: Brett
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