This Tattoo preview App is amazing

10 October 2016
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#inklife anyone? This one is for all you tattoo / ink junkies or for the curious minded. personally I have always been interested in getting a tattoo but like many of you struggle taking the leap of commitment.

So this is a brilliant idea by and is an app which is available on the android and apple store for your smartphone. basically it’s an app which will replace a smiley face on your skin with a tattoo so for the first time in history you can preview and share your tattoo with others before getting it.

How has something like this never been developed before? It is hard to believe that it is now 2016 and this kinda preview technology is only just being released, however the good thing is now from here we can used the technology in a lot of different ways such as replacement apps for house renovations or filters for fake tanning.

A lot of opportunity. If you are interested in taking a look at ink hunters new invention check out the video below, don't forget to share and smash the thumbs up if you enjoyed this article.

video credits: Viral Thread

App/image Credits: Inkhunter

Article by: Brett
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