Videoing on your smartphone has changed forever

10 October 2016
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Have you ever been trying to video while walking? Probably not… however this is quite the invention if I do say so myself, now I know you have all been there. You’re too poor to afford a goPro or your mom says you don’t need one so you are resorting to using your smartphone to take videos. I’m sure we have all been there.

Well I stumbled across this posted by the lad bible, and all I can say is I want one. It’s the next step into having more stable videos and images using your smart phone. With all the upgrades to cameras happening in the later model phones why not invent something to make them even better?

What kinds of technology can evolve from this? well that is quite unknown but with this kind of stabilizing technology the opportunities are endless it could be used for medial advances making surgery an easier more calculated thing. who knows, I will be interested to see what other similar inventions are available in the future.

Well seems like it has been done. Without rambling to much I do genially think this is awesome. If anyone knows where to buy one hit me up.

Credits for video: ladbible

Article by: Brett
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