How are these guys not in jail?

6 October 2016
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If you're on Facebook and need a good laugh then the Jalals and some of the craziest terrorist non terrorist comedians that I've ever seen.

The truth is we have no idea how these people have not been sent to jail for some of the insane pranks that they have performed on the innocent but who cares, they are hilarious. and will definitely be a regular update from us! RUN!

So what is the background behind the Jalals? Well we arnt really sure, the Jalas brothers are made up of 3 siblings Max 19, Arman 18 and Rebeen 16, from Melbourne Australia, the Jalals brothers have an impressive following on Facebook reaching almost 9 million followers it turns out that all 3 brothers still live at home with their parents.

The internet pranksters are known for sparking outrage by dressing up in traditional Arab robes and faking suicide bomber hoax videos and drive by shootings. the videos have seen them arrested in the past, but apart from the problems with authorities and the poor sheep they set on the unsuspecting public. these 3 boys are making a living from the pranks.

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Article by: Brett
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