Real Life Bionic eye

6 October 2016
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So I take it everyone here is familiar with the Terminator franchise? well it looks like Sky net has finally managed to do something right and find its way inside Rob Spence's eye.

Before we get ahead of ourselves on this eye is in no way connected to Robs brain and cannot make him see with both of his eyes again, Sorry to burst your bubble but technology isn't quite there yet. So what can Rob do with his new eye? essentially this is a wireless video camera embedded into a glass eye. that is activated by blinking. Rob has the ability to record what he sees on a small device which gives him the ability to re-watch the events of his days.

Pretty cool stuff don't you think? Check out the video below. Share the article and let us know what you think about Robs eye.

How does this breakthrough in science help us? well because technology is evolving at such an exponential rate the fact that this simple invention exists opens doors to new opportunities in camera use and personal safety. You see the with the technology to record your day this kind of technology could help solve crimes, help people with dementia or even catch things that you missed the first time round, it truly is fantastic.

So where from here? well i assume that this kind of technology is already being used on vest cameras and other types of secret agent gadgets, but if i make a prediction id say that this technology will further to the advances of contact lenses cameras and much more.

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Article by: Brett
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