How rich is Daniel Radcliffe? Harry Potter made him lots!

6 October 2016
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Harry Potter is one rich mother fucker! excuse my French, we all know that Daniel Radcliffe made a penny or 2 making the extremely popular Harry Potter films, well it turns out that Daniel made himself a comfortable £74 million nest egg.

As it turns out the boy who lived is also known as the boy who saved! so take note all you wannabe millionaires.

In recent interviews Daniel has said he is "very grateful for having the money and it is a lovely freedom to have" cough cough!! asshole. Ok I know we are not all as lucky as Mr. Radcliffe to be harry potter at 11 years old, but apart from that the lad should be very happy with what has accomplished.

Because of Daniels wealth, he now has the opportunity to choose the films he likes rather than whatever he can get. So look forward to seeing much more of Radcliffe hitting your screens.

So you might be wondering, how can i get where Daniel Radcliffe is? well that answer is very simple.. you cant, Unless you manage to reverse time and become harry potter. I know its hard to make money once you're an adult trust me, i know the struggles. it seems like everyone is chancing there first million but the goal is to find something different and see where that will take you. Thinking outside the box is one of the greatest skills that a person can have, if you figure out how to harness that skill then your wealth will far surpass Daniel Radcliffe.

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Article by: Brett
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