disturbing images of teens with 17cm Tail removed

6 October 2016
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A young man from Nagpur, India had his 3rd appendage removed.. that appendage being oddly enough a tail? You could say that this teenager (18) is a descendant of Goku himself or a proud warrior of the Saiyan race... however, unfortunately, he is just an unusual boy with a strange defect.

So as the story goes the boy developed his tail while in the womb, but unlike the rest of us, his tail never disappeared naturally, so this poor sap as you can imagine got a pretty hard time growing up and finally decided 18 years later that it has got to go.

It took a team of 6 specialists and 1 hour of surgery to remove the tail. The rare site can be seen below. Not for the faint heart.

So you might ask yourself how is something like this even possible? well its quite a good question, you seem as a baby forms most people start off as some form of larva type thing with a tail so every single one of you would have had a tail at some point. That may be a lot to take in, but at the end of the day the majority of people develop normally in the womb, so something like this is quite a rare occurrence. 

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Article by: Brett
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