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Mangapohue Natural Bridge | Walk Waitomo

Published: 3 December 2018
Last Updated: 21 May 2019
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Mangapohue Natural Bridge is a highlight on the scenic drive from Waitomo Village to Marokopa. The track is pushchair-friendly and follows a boardwalk through an impressive limestone gorge that takes you underneath a natural bridge.

walking up a 17 meter high arch made of limestone which stretches across the Mangapohue stream is the best way to see the remains of an ancient civilization cave system track. this track is a superb walk which give some amazing views of stalactite-like formation and views from across and down the gorge.

this track takes you through farmlands, around hills and will even give you glimpses of 25 million-year-old fossiled oysters which are exposed in limestone, this walk can be combined with either the Piripiri cave walk or Marokopa falls walk.

The walk is located on Te Anga Road which is 25km from the Waitomo village

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Article by: Brett
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