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Published: 19 November 2018
Last Updated: 15 March 2019
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AC Baths gym and hot pools is a spacious studio that is equipped with a modern touch and designed to make you feel great towards achieving your fitness goals. The gym is very clean has a good selection of exercise equipment which would suit any member. The gym caters for people of all fitness levels with any goal including beginners and athletes.

AC Baths have some great trainers which are available in the fitness studio most days between Monday to Sunday 6am to 9pm.

There are no fees for new members and you also get a free fitness programme and assessment which signing up. ​AC Baths offer a number of membership options from 3 - 12 months

The gym offers Group Fitness classes​ which are listed below:


A choreographed training program which focuses on strength using varying weighted equipment and powerful music which aims to motivate members and inspire more work. This class is great for building muscle and losing fat


A combination class which aims are getting a higher heart rate to burn more calories, they combine a mix of cardio and martial arts to get you moving.


core exercises which maximize strength in your core and sculpts your stomach to bring out a solid 6 pack


This is an intense cardio workout which will have you burning calories on a bike with motivational speakers and music.

​MUM Fit ​

a specially developed class which aims at helping moms get back into shape after pregnancy or just if you've packed on a few pounds over summer.


similar to Zumba, this is a high-intensity dance class which burns fat in the most positive fun way imaginable.


​​a 25-minute warm-up followed by a group exercise class for 35, this 1-hour class is a complete body work out.

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