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Sky Diving In Taupo | Taupo Tandam & Skydive Taupo

Published: 4 December 2018
Last Updated: 18 March 2019

You will encounter dazzling perspectives on Mount Ruapehu crests and the profound crisp waters of Lake Taupo. As your parachute opens, you'll moderate from a 200km/h freefall and after a quiet parachute ride, your teacher will acquire you for a sheltered, controlled landing directly outside our shed, in full perspective on your help team.

Sky diving is a standout amongst the most essential encounters of your life, you will be offered the skydive and additionally, the alternative to updating your experience by including one of our incredible video and photograph bundles so you can impart your experience to your loved ones.

There are 2 organizations situated in the Taupo locale which represent considerable authority in Sky Diving, which is Taupo Tandem and Skydive Taupo.

There are a couple of various heights which you can leap from, the primary contrast between the heights we offer is the freefall time.

The 12,000ft hop will give you roughly 40 seconds of full adrenaline freefalling, while at the same time appreciating the amazing perspectives. Shouting and swearing are additionally permitted - there'll be no children around you.

As it takes around 15-20 seconds for your mind to acknowledge what the hell is going on after you bounce off a flying plane, we typically urge individuals to

pick 15,000ft, which allows you 60 seconds of freefall, permitting additional time for your cerebrum to "comprehend" what's up and appreciate the occasion.

Article by: Brett
Category : Taupo Activities

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