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Taupo Bungy & Extreme Cliffhanger Swing

Published: 4 December 2018
Last Updated: 4 December 2018
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One of the best adrenaline rushes in town, check out the Taupo Bungy and Cliffhanger Extreme Swing, these activities are sure to bring your stomach to your eyes and take you to a place you've likely never been before, this bungy is one of New Zealand's highest jumps which can dunk you into water, there are a cantilever platform and extreme swing, which will push you to speeds of nearly 70 Km/hour while free falling.

This is a great activity for people wanting to challenge their fears or create an amazing experience and lasting memory.

Types of Jumps

there are a couple different combinations of jumps which you can do with Taupo Bungy, each jump you should talk to your jumpmaster to learn techniques and proper form for performing each jump, If you are aged 10 - 15 years, you can even Save $100 on the adult price.

The following package jumps are available it is split into following:

  • Solo Bungy Jump - Adult
  • Solo Bungy Jump - Child
  • Tandem Bungy Jump
  • Bungy & Swing Combo - Adult
  • Bungy & Swing Combo - Child

Taupo Bunjee has deals and opportunities which change all the time for further information it may pay to check out https://www.taupobungy.co.nz/bungy

Feel free to book from our website using the form below:

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Article by: Brett
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