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Published: 20 November 2018
Last Updated: 18 March 2019
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Base Backpackers Taupo takes a fresh approach to check accommodation. At Base, there is a high standard of service and cleanliness. The backpackers make a huge impact by doing small things for their traveling visitors, making the experience more joyful and stress-free.

Base Taupo will change the way you feel about budget accommodation, in this popular destination. The high service standards, innovative services will uphold the spirit of young and free independent travelers.

There are many base locations across Australia and New Zealand, they are specifically designed for modern travelers with facilities which display great levels of superior comfort and security and the staff offer friendly service. Base backpackers offer bars, beds and travel experiences.

Base offers a bunch of different packages including work and travel, bed hopper and spring break, they offer transport to attractions around the Taupo region.

Base Taupo is close to i-site building, dead center of town and close to bars and nightclubs. It is located across the road from BOB's backpackers

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Article by: Brett
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