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Rotorua New Zealand

Published: 31 July 2019
Last Updated: 2 August 2019

Rotorua establishes on some volcanic plateau, south west of Rotorua Lake on the North Island of New Zealand. It became the top attraction for tourist of the island due to the remarkable amount of thermal activity. You will find over 1, 200 geothermal features in Rotorua and much more hot springs and geysers, lots of lakes, dense pine and redwood forests and volcano from the countryside around the little town. The region is home to a 3rd of New Zealand's Maoris and Rotorua and its environment are very essential for the Maori customs. In the center of Lake Rotorua lies the small island Mokoia where the most famous Maori love story was born: Hinemoa defied the anger of her family. 

To fulfill her fan she swam nude in the mainland to the island and waited for him from a hot pool. Where the great European romances such as Romeo and Juliet did not have a happy end, this romance has a happy ending. Hinemoa and Tutanekai solved the family issues and lived a long and joyful life. You might still wait for your fan to come from Hinemoa's Pool or make a wish in the Arawa Wishing Rock. You'll find the most glorious thermal scene in the Whakarewarewa Thermal Reserve. In this absurd and surprising natural park you will look like you are on another planet.  

You'll be surprised by geysers erupting with no warning, bubbling and gurgling mud pools and steam rising in cracks in the stones. The Pohutu geyser is the most spectacular of them all. It can blow as high as 30 m! Meet the Maoris in a restored Maori village and see how they live and how they still cook their meals in the natural steam ovens. Visit the, the Hakereteke Stream, Ohinemutu and Lake Okataina. Rotorua is intelligently heated by steam piped up in just beneath surface and the entire region of Rotorua smells of sulphur. Abby Agier has been a publisher for the travel sector for over 20 years. Next to publishing about the most beautiful places from the world she's also an editor for music and sound systems and writes about floor standing speakers .

Article by: Brett
Category : Towns & Cities

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