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Jetts Fitness, 124 Grey Street Hamilton

Published: 30 November 2001
Last Updated: 15 March 2019
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Jetts is another popular gym franchise in New Zealand, with over 50 clubs across the North and South Island of New Zealand it is one of the most affordable gyms.  Jetts Clubs are convenience clubs, which are small to medium size. They offer a good variety of machines, that cover all lower body and upper body resistance work, as well as cardio equipment. The Personal Trainers offer some small group sessions, which have a decent amount of interest. Jetts also has regular member nights.

Weights and Machinery and Gym quality

Weight Article Image

Jetts Fitness 124 Grey Street Hamilton is a good gym in the Hamilton vicinity, it is reasonably spacious and have a great variety of weights and machines, all of the equipment in the gym from the cardio machines to the weights are in great condition and very clean, there is not much this gym does not have in terms of equipment.

The problem with Jetts and what people should be aware of is that these gym franchises are not for hard out body builders or power lifters, they have a limited supply of free weights and generally do not own Olympic bars.

Membership Costs / Contracts

Jetts memberships start at $6 per week for off peak times and $10.95 for 24/7 access. All memberships have No contacts and you receive access to all 56 Clubs Nationwide.

All Members receive Free access to our online JettsPlus site with loads of free workouts, Programs, nutrition advises recipes and business discounts.

Services, Personal trainers and Classes.

The gym offers the following:

  • Off-street-Parking
  • Free Classes and private rooms
  • Private showers and clean bathroom / changing room facilities
  • Access to any club in New Zealand and Australia or worldwide.

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Article by: Brett
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