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Published: 18 June 2017
Last Updated: 15 March 2019
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Fastlane Fitness is a new gym with appeared in early 2015 in Hamilton, opposite from Les Mills, this gym is great and offers a swimming pool, clean bathroom facilities, new gym equipment, a boxing room, coffee and other facilities.

Weights and Machinery and Gym quality

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The quality of this gym is pretty good as far as Hamilton gyms go, they have a variety of different equipment and weights which range from light to heavy.

The best piece of equipment this gym has which separates it from the 100s of other gyms in Hamilton is the swimming pool, which you can add onto your membership to give you full access year around.

Membership Costs / Contracts

There are a variety of contracts and payment options available, starting from $14 a week and moving up to $20.90 a week. There is no joining fee for this gym, and memberships can be paid in full for 6 to 12 months or week by week. There are too much to go over for this gym but all details can be found on the website here.

Services, Personal trainers and Classes.

The gym offers the following:

  • Parking
  • Classes and private rooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Private showers and clean bathroom/changing room facilities
  • No Joining Fee

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