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How media has negative effects on peoples choice

Published: 10 January 2017
Last Updated: 16 July 2018
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With all the drama that came from the United States election, it begs the question, how did Donald Trump get elected into power? well I have a theory based on some things I noticed during the 2016 election.

Feel free to comment your own opinions. You see the media is always thinking and speaking for people, now days it’s hard to believe anything that you find written online or in the media because basically everyone is looking for "click bait" or a story to get ratings or views.

The biggest downfall in media today is that they are way too pushy with their views so rather than reporting news their aim to drive the news and push ideas into people’s heads, don't believe me? well this is where we look back on my first question about how Donald Trump got elected.

I’m from New Zealand and even though we had no say in the outcome of the American Election here is what I noticed. NZherad, Stuff.co.nz, one News, News hub, Paul henry, Jono & ben... Basically any New Zealand media that had a voice spent the majority of 2016 bad mouthing Trump or basically bullying him. I noticed it all over the world media trying to bring him down.

In my opinion the media trying to make everyone think negatively about Trump backfired on them and drove the results they didn’t want in the election.

That is my opinion. This generation does not like bullies and the world media is the biggest one out there.

Article by: Brett
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