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The 7 Best ways to guess what's in your Christmas presents!

Published: 7 December 2016
Last Updated: 16 July 2018
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Christmas time is upon us and you are trying to figure out what everyone is getting you? Because who cares about surprises right?

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One of the biggest joys as a child around Christmas is figuring out what Santa and your parents have left for you under the tree! I remember the days spending evening rubbing down Christmas presents dreaming about the toys and candies that were inside.. These days we are happy with a nice beer on the couch.

But for the next generation of feelers I want to share with you some of the top tips to guess what's in side your presents!

  • 1.) Weight.

    This is an important step. basically you can cut any of your ideas in half just by the weight, for example you know that a PlayStation or Xbox is going to weigh a lot more than what a ball is.

  • 2.) Size.

    This is quite a tricky one. because with the size you can be quite easily fooled. is it just a big box or is it a big gift? who knows! often it may even be multiple presents.

  • 3.) Shape.

    This goes hand in hand with size, basically the shape can show you wither or not it's more than one presents, also depending on the skill of your wrapper you may be able to outline a present idea.

  • 4.) Touch.

    when it comes to touch, you are basically testing one of two things. am I getting clothes for Christmas or am I getting something better? such an important step. Also this steps works wonders if you "accidentally" poke a hole in the paper.

  • 5.) Sound.

    I know what you are thinking... Presents don't make sound? Well this is kind of a fool proof plan to get past the size step. just give your present a gentle rattle and figure out how you're being tricked.

  • 6.) Research.

    If you are thinking of taking a more technically approach to this issue, try Google! or if that fails look for deals that are going on, we all know parents are cheap and will buy things only when they are 50% off.

  • 7.) Guessing games.

    When all else fails.. It's time to say fuck it. Just guess.

That is the basics to finding out what surprises await you on Christmas day or your birthday or any other holiday that you get presents wrapped in cheap paper.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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feelings 7 Best Ways to guess whats in your christmas presents!

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