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Male Contraception finally arrives

Published: 25 October 2016
Last Updated: 16 July 2018
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Step aside ladies, looks like it's the guys turn to take control over safe sex. it feels like it has been years since the first mention of a male contraceptive pill was first thought of and now as it turns out the days have finally arrived where a woman's burden to take the pill now becomes the man's responsibility which means that there should be no more excuses for accidental pregnancies! right?

So you might be wondering how this is possible? what exactly does the male contraceptive pill do? Well, the point of this new type of contraception is basically to stop a male's sperm from being able to swim, so in a scenes it paralyzes the males sperm.

How effective is this solution? Well, it is unknown yet as not many clinical trials have been tested, but with the sperm having the inability to swim it means that they can't make their way towards the eggs. It is said that the pill can even be taken a few hours to a few minutes before having sex and will cover a man for multiple days. 

I think this is an amazing breakthrough in modern technology! it is a good feeling knowing that men will have control over their own fertility and will avoid situations where they could be trapped into having a child who is not on the pill.


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