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About Us

About Travel Park New Zealand

Travel Park is a locally owned and operated New Zealand Tourism website, originally founded in Taupo our goal is to promote local business to help tourists and people across the country find places of interest.

Our stories

Travel Park main focus is to connect local businesses, we have 4 main categories on our website. Travel Park is your one-stop shop for having great stories in one location. You can use Travel Park as a gateway for reaching more information on whatever business you may need. We currently offer the following categories:

Hiking and Biking

This section focuses on local walkabouts in your area, New Zealand has a bunch of amazing walks, waterfalls, mountain biking tracks runs and all sorts. Although there is not many there, we plan to get them all as we experience them ourselves.


Everybody, no matter where you find yourself across New Zealand will need to find a place to rest your head right? One of our core areas of expertise is Accommodation, where we source some of the local AirBnb's, motels, hotels, and backpackers so you don't have to.


Does everyone need to eat right? But with so many options available how do you choose? Travel Park has a few options to help you find what you're looking for, try our search box or if you cant find what you're looking for on there, check the interactive map to see whats close in your area.


Traveling is hard. so is finding a gym right? well not anymore, we want to help people find a place which suits their needs and something that is close to their area with good pricing plans, so check our interactive map and see whats in your area for getting your pump on.

How we help Businesses?

The way Travel Park helps businesses are by offering free business pages on our website, we want to connect people all from one central location. Think of us as your gateway business partner to more conversions and click-throughs on your business.

The future of Travel Park

We have some big things coming our way and some exciting new developments constantly on the way, be sure to check back constantly with us to see some of the great functionality and new categories coming to our website.