City Fitness, 19 Home Straight, Te Rapa Hamilton

18 July 2017
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City fitness Is a very popular gym franchise in New Zealand, with nearly 30 clubs across the North and South Island of New Zealand it is a great place for anyone looking for a new gym. City fitness is known for its great classes and membership deals depending on the club you can find some great personal trainers and staff members.

Weights and Machinery and Gym quality

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City fitness, 19 Home Straight, Te Rapa Hamilton is one of my favourite gyms in the Hamilton vicinity, it is reasonably spacious and have a great variety of weights and machines, all of the equipment in the gym from the cardio machines to the weights are in great condition and very clean, there is not much this gym does not have in terms of equipment.

Membership Costs / Contracts

There are a variety of contracts and payment options available, Membership costs range from $6.99 – $19.99 per week.

See the comprehensive list below:

Basic Membership is a 12-month minimum term (joining Fee of $49.00 applies*) The BASIC allows access 24/7 and all locations, also to the strength and cardio equipment, express Circuit. $6.99pw

Better Memberships are available as a (Commit**) or (Non-Commit joining Fee of $49.00 applies*) allows access 24/7 & all locations, access to the strength and cardio equipment, express Circuit. $11.99pw

Black Memberships are available as a (Commit**) or (Non-Commit joining Fee of $49.00 applies*) The BLACK allows 24/7 access, all group fitness classes, access to all locations, A free Guest (as a Basic member), Orientation with a Personal trainer $13.99pw

There’s also a Premium Membership (only available at the Porirua, Thorndon, Hamilton, Nelson, Kapiti and Queen St clubs) this gives you access to Hot Yoga/Pilates available as a (Commit**) or (Non-Commit joining Fee of $49.00 applies*) The PREMIUM allows the same as Black PLUS the Hot yoga/Pilates. $19.99pw

(** Commits are a 12-month min term) If you needed to cancel while still in a committed term an early termination fee may be applicable, if you are non-commit or an out of term commit ( or wish to cancel on term end date) then 4 weeks’ notice to cancel is required.

Upon joining you can choose your payment frequency: Weekly, Fortnightly, monthly or PIF Options are available.

You can choose to have a 12 month Paid in full membership:

  • Basic PIF 12 month $412.48
  • Better PIF 12 month $623.48
  • Black PIF 12 month $727.48

Please note that a PIF contract does expire at the end of the 12 month period (no cancellation required)

Services, Personal trainers and Classes.

The gym offers the following:

  • Off-street-Parking
  • Free Classes and private rooms
  • Private showers and clean bathroom/changing room facilities
  • Access to any club in New Zealand and Australia or worldwide.

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