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The Donovans Chocolate Cafe, Hamilton

Published: 21 August 2017
Last Updated: 15 July 2018
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A bit about The Donovans Chocolate Cafe

For those who are not aware, Donovan's chocolate is a New Zealand owned chocolate company which is crafted in the heart of New Zealand's dairy country, the mighty Waikato.

Donovan's chocolate will melt in your mouth with goodness, they use the worlds finest Ghanaian cocoa and New Zealand's finest milk.

The Donovans Chocolate café combines a real working chocolate factory with a cafe and gift shop. Sit down in the cafe and enjoy espresso coffees, hot chocolates made with real chocolate and a great selection of delicious food from the seasonal menu and cabinet.

Whats on the menu?

The Donovan's Cafe serves a variety of different menu items which are catered towards everyone, including the kids. The current menu, may be changing but will look similar to this:


  • House made muesli w manuka honey & passionfruit pulp $10
  • Hot cakes w bacon & banana $15
  • Bacon & eggs $15
  • Donovans big breakfast $20

Eggs benedict

  • Mushroom (v) $16
  • Salmon $18
  • Bacon $17


  • Curly fries w aioli $10
  • Wedges w bacon, sourcream & sweet chilli $14
  • Open chicken,plum and feta sandwich w fries $16

Burgers w fries

  • Bbq pulled pork $17
  • Beef and bacon
  • Cranberry chicken

Toasted sandwiches w side salad

  • Ham, cheese & tomato $8
  • Ham, cheese & pineapple $8
  • Cheese, onion & mushroom $8

Fresh salads (GF available on request)

  • Chicken $16
  • Smoked salmon $17
  • Lamb $17

For the kids:

  • Chicken tenders, chips keri juice $11
  • Mini meatballs, chips keri juice $11

Where to find The Donovans Chocolate Cafe

The restaurant / cafe is located at:

137 Maui street,
Pukete Hamilton

Open hours: Monday – Friday 7am-3pm

To find out a bit more about the Donovan's please visit the website at: www.donovanschocolates.co.nz

Article by: Brett
Category : Hamilton Food

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