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Cafe Five 47, Hamilton East

About Cafe Five 47 - Hamilton East

Cafe Five 47 is a cool little Cafe located in Hamilton East, they serve lovely locally rosted coffee and have a great selections of small foods, Five 47 are a cafe that bake everything on premises including pizza and panini bread.

At Five 47 you can dine in or out, if you are looking for any corporate catering options around the Hamilton East area, Five 47 has some good catering options for small businesses, find out more in store.

About the beans

locally roasted coffee bean from Laroma Espresso, which is premium dark roast coffee with a rich satisfying Coffee taste. Five 47 also does a variety of leaf teas that are served are from tea total.

Cafe Five 47 is located at:

Cafe 547
529 Grey Street
Hamilton. 3216

You can find out more by checking them out at www.cafe547.co.nz or on Facebook.

or you can contact them on 07 846 2509 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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