Logo_white Esquires Cafe Auckland Library, Lorne Street

Esquires Cafe Auckland Library, Lorne Street

Published: 18 November 2017
Last Updated: 15 July 2018
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About Esquires Auckland Library, Lorne Street

The first Esquires long black was served in the land of the long white cloud in 2002. In just thirteen years we have grown from a single coffee counter to a network of 25 cafés throughout New Zealand united in our desire to deliver our customers the perfect cup of coffee in an environment that promises a break from their busy lives.

During this time, Esquires has evolved as a brand and as a business to better meet the needs of New Zealanders. There has been a small tweak here and a bigger tweak there, but nothing like the reinvention Esquires embarked on in 2016. Extensive research was undertaken and in response to the findings of changing consumption behavior of New Zealanders, the decision was made to evolve Esquires from a coffee house to a café and deliver an even more compelling franchise opportunity.

While we were exploring this significant evolution, we decided it was timely to also thoroughly examine every aspect of the Esquires franchise system. From training to support, from the menu to the brand, the Esquires logo to the store design, every component was interrogated, tested and then improved. The sum of this is a franchise offering that has never been more relevant, consumer focused and future facing.

Where to find us

Auckland Central Library,
44 Lorne Street


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