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Hamilton, Waikato New Zealand

11 March 2017
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Hamilton is one of New Zealand's leading cities, often referred to as The Tron, it is a fabulous place with a lot of hidden gems to offer people who are passing through. Hamilton is my home town and where I have spent the majority of my life, the town is full of amazing schools and communities, although it lacks the adventure that most tourists are looking for there is still a lot to offer.

What to expect.

Hamilton is a big city, that is located south of Auckland, when you arrive you can expect to find the following.

Great people

Hamilton people are in my opinion a chilled out version of Aucklander's, the common Hamilton person is quite friendly. the town is a central to many great schools and universities which makes it prime location for students.


Hamilton is probably the best place for shopping in New Zealand, it is local to The Base, which is one of the biggest shopping centers in the north island. the base offers 1000s of free car parking and 100s of shops and amazing food.

Night life

If you are looking for a good place to let loose that is full of 1000s of young drunk students then Hamilton may be the town for you, Victoria and Hood street are the main pub streets located in central Hamilton, the good thing about the city is all the bars are within a 20 meter walk of each other. this means you can swap it up each night and jump between 3 to 10 different clubs.


Most people in Hamilton do have trouble finding things to do, but luckily enough there are a bunch of great activities that are just a drive away such as:

  • Hamilton Gardens
  • Bridal Vail falls
  • Raglan
  • Hakarimata Walkway
  • Wairere Falls
  • Omaru Falls
  • Marokopa Falls

Hamilton is a good city, often has a bad reputation for being a party town, but at the heart of the Waikato it is a really good place to give a chance.


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